Jump Jam

1. We purchased JUMP JAM years ago and would like to update our resources. Can you recommend a resource kit for us?

Let us know which school you are from and we can recommend a kit based on what your school has licenced already. Personally I would recommend the our latest kit or Best of JUMP JAM vol 1 or 2. It has new graphics, ideal when using a Data Projector Unit and the routines are some of our most popular routines.

2. I am a teacher overseas and have seen JUMP JAM and would like to use JUMP JAM for our students.

We have new licencing for JUMP JAM & Jiggle Jam internationally, with all resources available as digital files for you to download and use in every classroom. Please email us with your school name, country and school roll number for students aged 5 – 12.  info@kidzaerobix.com

3. I work at a Preschool / Kindergarten / Childcare Centre and we would like to use JUMP JAM at our centre.

Check out our Jiggle Jam page. This new programme for children 3-6, has been specifically designed with fun and simple moves to motivate and engage the younger child. Click this link to the Jiggle Jam Page or simply email our office at orders@kidzaerobix.com for a password to the application form and video preview page.

4. I work at an After School Care Centre and we would like to use the JUMP JAM resources.

Simply email our office at orders@kidzaerobix.com and we will send you an application form with details.

5. We are a Christian School and would like to use JUMP JAM. Do you have anything suitable for Religious Based Education?

We have a resource kit perfect for your school. It is called Christian Jam # 1, please contact our office on orders@kidzaerobix.com for an order form and details.

6. We have licenced JUMP JAM for our school, however we cannot find our VHS tapes / disc(s) or they are scratched and cannot be used. Please advise how much and can I just replace them or do I need to re-licence them?

Please email our office at orders@kidzaerobix.com for replacement order form. We can replace any part of a resource that you school is licenced for. E.g. JUMP JAM # 1 DVD. Our newer resources are now available as Digital downloadable MP3 and MP4 files.

7. We would like to enter your competition(s), please can you advise dates, details, ages etc.

Please refer to our competition page for our rules and a timeline of the events. We have a variety of competitions for students. With or without costumes and choreography changes. Depending on if you wish to be a bit creative or keep it Strictly JUMP JAM.

8. Do we need to purchase a separate licence for each JUMP JAM Resource Kit, we select to use?

Yes. We use original music and all resources are individually licenced. Each licence is for the life of the school/location and for all students at your school.

9. Can I talk to someone about JUMP JAM Competitions – Challenge & Strictly?

Yes, please contact Brett Fairweather at competitions@kidzaerobix.com

10. We are a new school and would like to start using JUMP JAM.

All new schools begin JUMP JAM with our start up kit, please contact us on orders@kidzaerobix.com for our order form and pricing.

11. I am a parent / student and wish to purchase JUMP JAM to use at home.

Due to music licencing restrictions we are unable to sell JUMP JAM to the general public. Unless you are a MoE licensed Home School. Plus you can purchase JUMP JAM T-Shirts for $25 + GST & Freight, simply email orders@kidzaerobix.com