2020 Challenge Preliminary Round Rules – Click this link for updated rules

Challenge Competition Timeline

Challenge Events DatesLocation
Preliminary Entries CloseWed 19th AugustOnline
Results DueFri 28th AugustEmailed and Online
Regional/National Registrations CloseWed 16th SeptemberOnline
All Tickets On Sale via TrybookingFri 25th September Online Trybooking.com
South Island RegionalSat 7th NovemberChristchurch Boys High School
North Island Regional CompetitionSat 21st NovemberBethlehem College PAC, Tauranga

Videos Explaining Correct Technique For Training Competition Teams

JUMP JAM Challenge

This category is open for all JUMP JAM licensed schools. It offers the opportunity to make up to 25%, 33% or 50% choreography changes, adding your own new moves, plus pattern/formation changes, costumes and makeup. Ideal for schools that wish to express their creativity. Year levels 1-3, 4, 5-6, 7-8 & 4-8 All Boys. Teams will compete against other schools from across either the North or South Island. Teams will qualify via an online Preliminary video entry competition. Details will be in the rules.

Coaching Tips from successful JUMP JAM coaches

  1. Coaching Tips From Former Head Judge Cindy Smith – the audition process
  2. Coaching Tips From NZ National Winning Coach Linda Compton, Waihopai School
  3. Coaching Tips From NZ National Winning Coach Kirsty-Lee Bracegridle, Heaton Intermediate
  4. Coaching Tips From NZ National Winning Coach Barbara Laing, Omanu School
  5. Coaching Tips From NZ National Winning Coach Ripeka Koia, Paroa School
  6. Amberley’s Competition Journey & Coaching Tips From NZ Winning Coach – Nicky Lotz

Benefits of Entering A JUMP JAM Competition

  1. Growth of self confidence in all participating students
  2. Gaining physical fitness and endurance, plus body awareness and posture
  3. Team camaraderie and gaining friendship and a feel of community within a group
  4. A squad ready for any performance or display opportunities
  5. Student leaders confident to lead others in JUMP JAM
  6. The benefits of goal setting to achieve a common outcome
  7. Promotes healthy lifestyle values for the school
  8. The students have fun doing it!

For competition related questions, please email Brett competitions@jumpjam.co.nz