The JUMP JAM Competitions are an inter-schools competition that provides WA schools an opportunity to showcase their students and school in the artistry of JUMP JAM, Regionally, with the chance for media exposure and prestigious Regional Championship titles.

Competitions are scheduled for Saturday 19th October 2024 at Riverton Baptist Community Church, 38 Modillion Ave N, Shelley.

2024 Rules For Western Australia Competitions

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Videos For Training Competition Teams

Strictly JUMP JAM

This category is open to new students only, that have not previously competed at a JUMP JAM competition. Any student that has previously competed at a JUMP JAM competition is invited to enter the “Challenge Competition” instead. Simply get a team of 8 – 18 students to follow the video strictly. Perform it with energy, a big range of motion, vocals and lots of confident presentation. Two categories, Year 1-3 & 4-6.


JUMP JAM Challenge

This category is open for all JUMP JAM licensed schools. It offers the opportunity to change up to 25% Pattern and Formation + add creative additions to original JUMP JAM routine choreography. Also, this category allows costumes and makeup. Ideal for schools that wish to express their creativity. Yr 4-6 Category only for 2023.

Benefits of Entering A JUMP JAM Competition

  1. Growth of self confidence in all participating students
  2. Gaining physical fitness and endurance, plus body awareness and posture
  3. Team camaraderie and gaining friendship and a feel of community within a group
  4. A squad ready for any performance or display opportunities
  5. Student leaders confident to lead others in JUMP JAM
  6. The benefits of goal setting to achieve a common outcome
  7. Promotes healthy lifestyle values for the school
  8. The students have fun doing it!
Coaching Tips for JUMP JAM Team Competitions

Coaching students for this years’ competition? Check out all the tips, training ideas & useful documents with timelines, audition ideas, permission slips, notices and helpful ideas plus tips from experienced coaches

Previous Results

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