Neil Curtis, Principal

  • It fits within multiple curriculum’s….. the PE and ARTS and
  • Fun.  Every time you use Jump Jam you see fun verbally, physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively.  A stimulus to again improve school and class tone leading ultimately to better learning environments
  • Takes you on a journey.  This comes out of the mouth of students and teachers I have come across.   It is not just about doing a bit of fitness or doing some Jump Jam.  Many actually take a journey that involves dance, music, communication with others and have fun while they are doing it

Neil Curtis emailed Kidz Aerobix this incredible Testimonial that we had to include it as a PDF. Click this link for more comments. Testimonial Neil Curtis. He is now at St Patrick’s School, Waimate and has these degrees, M.TchLcn, PGradDipEd, PGDipMathEd, DipTch, DipSptRec, CQA, ANZIM