Liz Scott, Teacher

The resource packs come with the teachers tips that are great and easy to learn … But equally awesome are the DVD’s for schools that don’t have the luxury of instructors. The DVD’s are simple for students to follow. The students love all the different flavours, cultures, and levels for all age groups.

The music & choreography is energizing, inspiring, fun, & achievable. Everyone gets to express themselves.

Seeing kids have fun through fitness, makes me do it! You will see kids from the most extreme socio economic corners excel in this program. Now Because of JUMP JAM, excel, means many things! Most will smile, most will get fitter and all gain confidence. In my community i myself could gain no more pleasure than a child proudly and confidently lifts their head and says “Hi Liz” when we meet in the playground, in town & everywhere because of our journey with JUMP JAM.

Hilltop School, Taupo, NZ Cert Fitness Instructor (Lvl 3) & NZ Cert Group Fitness Instruction (Level 3)