All the hard work has been done. The resource kit contains everything you need to teach and facilitate this fitness programme.

The JUMP JAM Start Up Kit includes:

  • Start Up Resource Kit with G-Rated music
  • Video files with training tips and fun and simple-to-learn fitness/dance routines
  • A comprehensive electronic Teachers Training Manual
  • Everything detailed within easy to follow electronic choreography notes

We believe the following Key Competencies can be included in a teacher’s planning with the use of JUMP JAM resources. Whether for individual students as a leader of JUMP JAM or as a team for a competition or for a demonstration etc.

  1. Managing Self:
  • Achieving personal and or team goals
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress
  • Achieve improving high standards
  • Knowing who they are and whom they represent
  • Developing resilience and enterprise
  • Reliability – do they turn up to do practice when required
  • Displaying positive behaviour
  • School role models
  • Leadership skill development
  • Ability to work in groups

2. Relating to Others:

  • Recognise different viewpoints
  • Listen actively
  • Negotiate
  • Share ideas
  • Willingly participate in new situations
  • Co-operate in groups
  • Grow competitive spirit
  1. Participating and Contributing:
  • Contribute in local and national communities
  • Respond appropriately as a group member
  • Make connections with others
  • Contribute to the quality and sustainability of social and physical environments
  1. Thinking: 
  • Thinking hat use
  • PMI
  • Y Charts
  • Habits of the Mind.  Specifically; persistence, striving for accuracy and managing impulsivity
  1. Using Language, Symbols and Texts in each Learning Area:
  • Specialist vocabulary associated with JUMP JAM
  • How to read choreography notes
  • How to communicate knowledge and ideas in appropriate ways for this demonstration or a competition

If your school does not yet hold a JUMP JAM licence, please contact us on and we will provide you with an order form and pricing for the JUMP JAM Start Up Kit.