Frequently Asked Questions For Team Competitions (Strictly & Challenge)

  1. How much can we change the original choreography? Only in Challenge can you change choreography, All Star up to 25% patterns and formations only, Advanced u to 33%, Xtreme upto 40% and Ultimate upto 50% of the routine. Strictly JUMP JAM is exactly that (no choreography changes permitted).  In relation to choreography changes, please consider that this is an aerobic competition.  All choreography changes should be kept aerobic based and all choreography changes should relate to the theme of the song.  All movements must be deemed safe for competitors and audience. (the use of safety mats will not be permitted at the live competition)
  2. Challenge competition can we use costumes and props? Yes for JUMP JAM Challenge at the National or Regional final, themed costumes and body props are encouraged. The purpose of costumes is to let the students dress up (fancy dress) and have boosted confidence to enhance their theatrical performance. Please note; Body props only. NO set props. Props may include hats, face paint, masks, hand held cardboard cut outs etc. However, these must remain on your team member at all times or thrown/placed off stage. No item can be placed or dropped on stage.
  3. Strictly competitors can we wear costumes, face paint or use props? No costumes, body props or set props at any stage for this competition. Students will be given a JUMP JAM T-Shirt to wear for the National or Regional Final competition on the day.
  4. Do we use JUMP JAM music? Yes and we supply the music at the live competition. Please select one original JUMP JAM song from any JUMP JAM Resource Kit, which your school has licensed.
  5. Can we change the song we used in Preliminary Round to a different song for Nationals or Regionals’? Yes
  6. What size is the stage at the competition? Generally we have 6m by 6m stages. We will have a center marker in the middle of the stage. This is for the team to position their middle row on or it is the middle of stage. Challenge will be 6.5m by 7m wide
  7. Now that we have qualified for the National final, can we substitute a team member for another? Yes.
  8. Now that we have qualified for the National Final, can we subtract team members? Yes, remember your team must be a minimum of 8 (Challenge & Strictly) members. TIP For teams that have eight members please use a reserve. If a team member gets sick on the day and you enter with seven, you will be allowed to perform but, will start with a handicap which will be decided by the head judge.
  9. Now that we have qualified for the National Finals, can we add more team members? e.g. started with 8 in Prelims and add another 5 for National or Regionals... Yes for Challenge 2021 up to 20 members.
  10. What is your best piece of advice? Read the Rules… Use the video camera to perfect your routine by reviewing each training session. Through filming, let the students assess themselves (judge, using the marking schedule). Practice live performances often. Use the teaching video tips from your JUMP JAM kit, to ensure the moves are technicality correct
  11. Can we swap team members between different team entries in Challenge? If schools qualify more than 1 team, and you wish to use the same students from one team for another team. A maximum of 3 students in total can perform again, in a second team. Students must dance up an age level, not a category. E.g. A yr 4 student can dance up in a yr 5-6 category, but a year 5, Xtreme 5-6 girl cannot also compete in an 5-6 All Star team. If in doubt, please contact us.

Brett’s Tips on How to Score Maximum Points For Teams

This short list below are a few pointers. However, I highly recommend you read the attached document on Tips On How To Score Maximum Points by Brett for either Strictly or Challenge Competitions.

  • Schedule regular rehearsals with goals on what you want to achieve in each session.
  • Use a video camera as it is a fabulous tool to assess where the team is at. Allow students to realise what they look like and what changes need to happen for self-awareness.
  • Practice in front of a live audience as much as possible. Ask for feedback on what was the memorable parts and if anything looked strange. Listen for the audience response e.g. applause, Oohh! Ahhh! Wow! Etc. Know your strengths and weaknesses. This will let the students grow confidently into their roles. As they become more and more confident set goals of eyeballing certain members of the audience with either a wink or smile or attitude look. Eventually, aim to eyeball and connect the judges confidently. An old saying of mine from my World Champ days was “It’s all in the eyes” – convince them you want to win and that you are most definitely here to make an impression.
  • For the ALL BOYS teams – choreography & attitude should be masculine – let’s make their rugby dads proud!
  • Don’t forget a dress rehearsal to test whether everything stays on!
  • Aim for the sky but make sure you laugh along the way.
  • Either way, win or lose we all grow & benefit enormously.
  • There can only be one winner, if your team doesn’t win it is natural to be disappointed. However if we teach resilience, children will learn to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and come back stronger next time.
  • Read the attached document over and over, it’s taken me years to gain this knowledge and I bet every time you read this you’ll pick up something new.

Coaching Tips for JUMP JAM Team Competitions

Coaching students for this years’ competitions?

Download this useful document with timelines, audition ideas, permission slips, notices and helpful ideas…Coaching Team Details For JUMP JAM Competitions

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