The best ways to use your JUMP JAM resource and maximise students academic learning, through aerobic activity.

  1. Just push play in your classroom – Incorporate the program into your class fitness program. Daily or weekly. It is all on video.
  2. Make any routine a seated/chair version. Don’t move anything in your classroom, just push play on the video and get the students doing the actions while they stay seated. They can still move their feet and even lift their chair…
  3. Start with senior students and get them empowered to lead and to become JUMP JAM Leaders. This gives the younger students a goal for when they become a senior.
  4. If you have a projector and screen in your hall, then at an assembly, get the whole school doing it including the teachers. Everyone is getting fit, having fun and it looks amazing for visiting teachers, parents, dignitary or Education Review Officers.
  5. Use senior students to present a routine as an assembly item – it is fun, energetic and everyone could dress up and make it theatrical.
  6. Get your class to teach / lead another class or perhaps get together with Buddy Class and book a regular joint JUMP JAM session.
  7. Use it 15mins before school starts, so you can motivate students to get to school on time or first thing in the morning to wake everyone up. It is also the coolest time temperature wise, which is great in winter to warm up and perfect in summer before the day get hot.
  8. Use it as a mind break with one song to break up a heavy desk workload or when students are restless.
  9. Great for fitness at wet lunchtimes, when students are stuck inside or in the hall.
  10. Music teachers can use JUMP JAM at the beginning or end of their lessons.
  11. PE teachers can use it as a warm up before a specific skill lessons.
  12. Flash mob it at lunchtimes after everyone has eaten.
  13. Use for a warm up or a station on Athletic Days, Carnival Sports Days or a special event.
  14. Start a lunchtime JUMP JAM Club and give your student leaders time to practice leading and doing the routines for fun…
  15. Maybe use a routine and enter a JUMP JAM competition. Set a goal and gain a demonstration team.
  16. Use JUMP JAM as a fundraiser, set up regular sessions and students pay a gold coin donation to get fit and maybe perform their favourite routines for their parents at a mini show.

At the very least, use JUMP JAM so your school, class or year level promotes Healthy, Active and Happy Students. Just push play!

Brett leading a school