Student leader taking JUMP JAM routine

Brett’s Mission Statement

To provide a quality, fun and exciting kids aerobics program to schools, that will motivate our children to enjoy exercise thus promoting health and wellness with our school communities. 

The JUMP JAM aerobic program is a ‘Kidz Aerobix’ resource kit for schools, created by 2x World Aerobic Champion Brett Fairweather, specifically for primary and intermediate students and teachers. Designed to challenge fundamental movement skills, increase fitness, develop student leadership & motivate students to move and enjoy exercise, All the music sourcing and choreography has been done. This resource is simple to use and fun for teachers and students.

JUMP JAM is a fusion of dance & fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness.  JUMP JAM is continuously transforming and redefining itself with each new generation of music.

Since the JUMP JAM programme was developed in May 2000 it has been adopted by over 90% of New Zealand Primary Schools and it is also now being enjoyed in Singapore & Western Australian schools.

Did you know…

  • In a recent *study in US schools it showed that, if you schedule aerobic activity before your most difficult learning objective, students retained more information.
  • The study also proved that physically active students achieve 2x higher academic scores than those who are not physically active.
  • Schools where students participated in regular aerobic activity showed a measurable reduction in disciplinary problems.

Invariably JUMP JAM receives rave reviews! Check out the testimonials page…

In this website you will find everything you need to get a good understanding of JUMP JAM and if you are a school teacher, to get the programme up and jumping in your school.

Undoubtedly, this programme is successful because it is so much FUN. Experience this first hand on this video clip!

If your school does not yet hold a JUMP JAM licence, please contact us on and we will provide you with an order form and pricing for our JUMP JAM start up kit along with a password to the members page.

Brett Fairweather and the Kidz Aerobix Team