Kristie Thomas – Principal

Having been a part of Jump Jam competitions since 2006, I can’t imagine ever not being a part of these amazing experiences! I love it. What this competition gives to each student who is involved is incredible. The greatest thing … Read More

St Josephs Timaru

“This Extravaganza certainly has promoted JUMP JAM within the school. Students use up all their lunch times as team practice.

Geraldine High School

We now have a house JUMP JAM competition where our 4 houses will battle it out on stage to be the JUMP JAM champs.

Pleasant Point Primary

“The kids had a blast!! JUMP JAM & the Extravaganza, gives the students a definite progression through levels of competition.”

Jan Shand Parent & Teacher

The JUMP JAM Extravaganza has boosted the children’s confidence. They found the whole experience exciting and rewarding. Thank you! St Mark’s parent & Ex HOD Dance Teacher

Bridget Hughes, Parent & Teacher

My son Mark got the opportunity to join the team competing in the JUMP JAM competitions. He changed…I had never seen such an animated, focused, enthusiastic, happy Mark. JUMP JAM brought out his commitment to a team, persistence, concentration, determination … Read More

Angela Armstrong-Lush, Teacher

“Most enjoyable Workshop, easy to follow, great that you gave the music and choreography and (thankful) not to have to source music myself.” Milson School, Palmerston North

Liz Scott, Teacher

The resource packs come with the teachers tips that are great and easy to learn … But equally awesome are the DVD’s for schools that don’t have the luxury of instructors. The DVD’s are simple for students to follow. The … Read More

Mary Bastion, Teacher

At Darfield School we run JUMP JAM as part of our school wide health/PE program. The entire school (230 students) participates on average in 3 x 15 minute compulsory sessions per week. I also use it daily to break up … Read More

Lisa Dovey, Teacher

For Halswell School the JUMP JAM programme is quick and easy fitness in all weather – inside or out. The JUMP JAM competitions are an event our children can be involved in and gives them a chance to gain leadership … Read More

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