Enter your students for the JUMP JAM Student Leadership Workshop being held in Perth. Only available for licensed JUMP JAM schools

We will teach your students how to lead / instruct any JUMP JAM routine. Students will learn skills and develop their confidence to instruct others. By mastering these skills students may wish to start leading JUMP JAM at your school or enter competitions. Please complete the booking form below to register your Students. Year 3 РYear 7 students are invited to this fantastic opportunity with Brett Fairweather (creator of JUMP JAM and 2 x World Aerobic Champion)

  • $15 per person 1-9 students
  • $12 per person 10-19 students
  • $10 per person 20+ students

Please Note: The workshop will use “Slave To the Music” routine and teach students how to lead. The skills they gain from attending the workshop will cross over to all other routines. We recommend you book early as the venue could book out. Registrations close Thursday 10th May 2018

Note: There are maximum numbers to hold the workshop.