JUMP JAM Idol Winner 2010 Boys Yr. 7-8

I write this as a continuation from my 2009 journey. I say continuation even though Jump Jam does not continue past year 8 I intend my journey to continue.

2010 was a good year for me I did what has never been done before I won the Jump Jam Idol for 2 years running – 2009 and 2010. Then I followed this through with a win for Taupo Intermediate School in the 2010 Challenge competition which I was part of the team. I had to say it was a big ask as at the end of September of 2010 I broke my elbow. I jumped over a concrete pillar on the sidewalk, as thousands of boys my age would do. Sitting at the hospital I knew I had let myself down and my chances for Idol and I had let down my team as replacing a member of the team at this late stage was costly. Could I convince the team I was worth keeping? Could I convince the judges I was a serious contender for 2010 Idol? I did and it was worth it. Thanks for keeping me in the team Miss Livingstone and Taupo Intermediate School. We did it!

Believing in oneself has no barriers. Jump Jam has given me confidence to achieve, made me face my fears, become a leader rather than a follower. I have learnt excellence, commitment, and passion.

I have had the opportunity to work with Brett Fairweather and I would like to thank him for his encouragement and knowledge.

One day I hope to perform on the worldwide stage but for now I am happy to be performing on the New Zealand stages in the Performing Arts.


Update: I have worked on the Jump Jam 14, 15 & Christian Jam DVDs, plus been part of the choreography design for JJ #16.  And recently  became a Trainer for JUMP JAM and traveled and worked with Brett in Singapore 2 year running (2016 & 2017)


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