JUMP JAM & Jiggle Jam Australia

JUMP JAM is a ‘Kidz Aerobix’ resource kit created by Brett Fairweather specifically for Yr 1 – Y9 students and teachers to challenge fundamental movements skills, increase fitness, develop student leadership and motivate students to move & enjoy exercise. JUMP JAM Australia 1 is now available in Perth & Western Australia. Attached is an article on the first Australian School to be licensed with JUMP JAM page 22 & 23 in School Matters Magazine.

Prescott Primary School in South Australia are proud supporters of the JUMP JAM program and have compiled this report. Prescott Primary Northern, SA – JUMP JAM Report

Jiggle Jam our other resource specifically for Kindy – Y1 & ESC, teaches and introduces your students to, timing, rhythm, counting, cross crawling patterning, coordination, imagery, directionality, fine and gross motor skills, indigenous cultural movements, moderate to vigorous cardiovascular fitness, a mat routine for posture and upper body exercises and our final routine offers slow and gentle movements for hand-eye coordination, balance and calmness.

JUMP JAM & Jiggle Jam are a fusion of dance & fitness disciplines along with cultural interpretations that capture the look, attitude, posture and elements of Aerobics and Fitness.

Strictly JUMP JAM 2017 Competitions

It was awesome to have 34 teams at the 2017 Strictly & Challenge JUMP JAM competition. With Arbor Grove Primary School flying to the NZ National 2017 event held in Auckland, NZ. They did an amazing job representing their school and country at the National event.

Feedback from Australian Teachers

Below is some feedback on both the JUMP JAM and Jiggle Jam programs, we have received from Australian teachers;

“I have never in my many years of teaching found a resource that is so motivating and effective for all. The kids here are daily asking me when will we get new routines, that to me shows that the resource works”. Kym McCabe – Arbor Grove Primary School, WA

Jump Jam has taken off at Boyare Primary School. It is run before school, for those who are interested, between 8:20 – 8:30am (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday). This morning we had about 50 eager children in the undercover area all participating with smiles on their faces and cheering when their favourite song started. Children request Jump Jam during PE lessons and love learning new routines. The feedback from parents and staff has been fantastic. It is a great addition to our school. Rebecca Sheldon – Boyare Primary School, WA

Thank you for allowing us to purchase this program and include it in our weekly activities. We have definitely seen the benefit of an enthusiastic program that not only provides enjoyment for our students, but encourages fitness across the year levels. We look forward to incorporating Jump Jam 2 into our collection of routines. Tamara Bernoth – Prescott Primary Northern, SA

Jiggle Jam has proven to be valuable here at Mount Hawthorn ESC, ALL the kids have become extremely addicted to it.  They love doing the dances and many are quite perfect at following the movements and I am talking about very high needs, non-verbal autistic students.  I have seen some students singing what is clearly a Jiggle Jam song and doing the actions to go with it when they are out at play.  The teachers have a session most days since it is so popular, useful as a focusing device as well as good exercise. So, in short, thanks for inventing this!! Dr Alison M Harman, BSc, PhD, Grad Dip Ed, Principal – Mount Hawthorn Education Support Centre, WA

“Duncraig Senior High School ESC would like to extend our sincere thanks for introducing the JUMP JAM Program to our Centre. The students are thoroughly enjoying the weekly Jump Jam sessions within their timetable and are getting so much enjoyment out of the Program”. Justine Snowdon – Duncraig Education Support Centre, WA

“The students are really enjoying the Jump Jam program and we are actually doing it on a regular basis due to the great MP4 teaching tips.” Helen Grey – Gladys Newton School, WA

If you want to preview the resource, simply email us your school name and area and email you everything you need to get a good understanding of JUMP JAM & Jiggle Jam, to get the programme up and jumping in your school.

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