Western Australia JUMP JAM Championships in Perth 2018, Sunday 14th October at Carmel School, Harry & Sylvia Hoffman Hall, Yokine

Benefits of Entering A JUMP JAM Competition

  1. Growth of self confidence in all participating students
  2. Gaining physical fitness and endurance, plus body awareness and posture
  3. Team comradery and gaining friendship and a feel of community within a group
  4. A squad ready for any performance or display opportunities
  5. Student leaders confident to lead others in JUMP JAM
  6. The benefits of goal setting to achieve a common outcome
  7. Promotes healthy lifestyle values for the school
  8. The students have fun doing it!

Western Australia JUMP JAM Competitions Rules

Videos Explaining Correct Technique For Training Competition Teams

If you have any competition related questions please email linda@jumpjam.co.nz


Perth Volunteer Registration Form


    Every year the JUMP JAM Championships are run with an amazing group of volunteers, we would not be able to put on such a fantastic event without their help! Join the volunteers and the JUMP JAM team for a fun filled event day in Perth! Tasks include; working backstage, social media, ticket sales, venue security, marshaling and more Starting from 11.30am till 7.00pm on Sunday 3rd September
  • Not necessary but a possible bonus