2015 Competition Information

The JUMP JAM Competitions are a competitive inter-schools event that provides schools an opportunity to showcase their students and school in the artistry of JUMP JAM, Regionally, Nationally and Internationally, with the chance for television and media exposure and prestigious Regional and National Championship titles.

Strictly JUMP JAM

 Strictly JUMP JAM

Strictly JUMP JAM National Rules 2015

Strictly JUMP JAM 2015 Qualifiers Updated

Team event with no choreography changes to JUMP JAM routines or costumes permitted. This is “Strictly JUMP JAM” ideal for new or novice schools.

Strictly JUMP JAM - Clearview School 2013


JUMP JAM Challenge

JUMP JAM Challenge

JUMP JAM Challenge National Rules 2015

JUMP JAM Challenge Preliminary Qualifiers Updated

Team Event with choreography changes to JUMP JAM routines and costumes permitted. Ideal for schools that wish to express their creativity.

St Mary's Tga Boys 4-8 Nth Island




JUMP JAM X-Factor Preliminary Rules 2015

Student Leaders instructing and leading an audience, using an original JUMP JAM routine. On stage there will be between 2 – 5 student leaders. Click the photo below to see an example of students in this competition. This competition is just like “Idol” but with 2 – 5 students.


X Factor 2013




There is no JUMP JAM Idol this year 2015. Please refer to X Factor for similar competition. 2-5 Student Leaders on stage…

Individual Event for student leaders. One student will lead/instruct an audience, using an original JUMP JAM routine.

Idol Boy 2008


Coaching Tips for JUMP JAM Team Competitions

Coaching students for this years’ competitions?

Download this useful document with timelines, audition ideas, permission slips, notices and helpful ideas…Coaching Team Details For JUMP JAM Competitions

Need some training ideas? Where do you start, what to look for….Download our Helpful Tips How To Maximum Points

Would you like to see exactly what the judges are looking for? Then check out these videos

Videos Explaining Correct Technique For Training Student Leaders, Demo and Competition Teams


For competition related questions, please email challenge-idol@kidzaerobix.com